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12 February 2023
Start of Jules Verne Trophy
12 February 2023
Start of the Jules Verne Trophy 2023
22 February 2021
Haul out for spring refit
21 January 2021
Indian Ocean, onboard photos
21 January 2021
Descent of the South Atlantic
15 January 2021
Descent of the North Atlantic
09 January 2021
Start of Jules Verne Trophy, 2nd round!
08 January 2021
While waiting for the departure
25 November 2020
Descent of the Atlantic
24 November 2020
On the way to the Jules Verne Trophy
23 September 2020
Jules Verne's crew
23 September 2020
Flying Offshore, between power and stability
The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild and her crew put an end to their weather standby this Sunday 12 February by setting sail on the Jules Verne Trophy shortly after 13:00 UTC. Sun and some unseasonably mild weather conditions accompanied Charles Caudrelier, Franck Cammas and their four crew off the island of Ushant as they headed off into the open ocean. Despite this, the difficulty of the challenge undertaken today by the men of Gitana Team cannot be overlooked as they try to break the record of 40 days 23 hours and 30 minutes, owned by IDEC since 2017.|/_cache/3585711d14eb465a8e2b470b85366e2e_W803.jpg|/_cache/3585711d14eb465a8e2b470b85366e2e_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/8213386b352f4c2f8031868ef9108364_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/ff8611f2568544f2a030e4e4d4061048_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/f424d67e709840ecab160f29e97e6171_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/aa4dbe3c8a084ee089de4733837a44d8_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/adedbb58a7344a708b94eda17cd25118_W160.jpg¤L|/_cache/c5aea4c133bd4c718174fbd38a2106dc_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/44281a828f294b3c973d4e731592017c_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/61d9aaba19f546ad81518292d01ee391_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/5508d489c3184370b07d6b0646fce6b1_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/a16dd02ce19b45b1b4a5b778abdf16f1_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/77435ce9721a4130ba0b9365feac423d_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/deac73418a684044b98c45f2409272e1_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/be84d386d3ea4ab69f1ece4dd893a2e3_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/c32677f3a08242de8dc9449739eded6d_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/0134f3e85fb54fc9b21945f413c7f22a_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/9f1c2f343af74d6185e6654cd74bed93_W161.jpg¤L|/_cache/c2c6512eac9a4442afec1157a73d8c88_W161.jpg¤L
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