Given name
Category Steamship Loa 37 m
Year of launch 1898
Rig Gaff schooner Propulsion Propeller

At the tail end of the 19th century, her speed record set aboard the 1st Gitana some twenty or so years earlier having been beaten by French destroyers, Baroness Julie Caroline de Rothschild decided to commission a new yacht. This time, she approached the French boat builder Auguste Normand to manufacture a 37-metre steamship capable of outclassing the Say family’s rival yachts on the waters of Lake Geneva.

Built in Le Havre, Gitana II crossed the Jura in separate parts like her predecessor before her. Equipped with a steam engine boasting all the latest developments and a hull shape capable of preventing her from burying into the water aft, Gitana reached a speed of 26.034 knots, or 48km/hr in 1898: a new record!

Big enough to make a comfortable, spacious yacht, Gitana II was in a position to welcome a number of guests keen to criss-cross the Lake in every direction, full steam ahead. On-board, the passengers on Gitana II had a roof-saloon at their disposal, a ladies-only restroom, two heads compartments, as well as a galley and an office.