Third place for Frédéric Le Peutrec and his crew, fifth for Thierry du Vorsent and his team. The Gitana Team can be satisfied with this first race even if it were still possible for Gitana 11 to do better one day before the finish. Quick review from Project Manager, Yann Marilley.
Gitana 11

« It's always a bit strange when the season kicks off with an offshore race as the major transformations carried out over the winter were don with Grand Prix in mind, even if some of the developments as the trimmer-daggerboard are relevant changes to all types to sailing. A satisfactory result although we are a little disappointed with third place for Gitana 11. We came within a hair's breadth of second – and who knows, even first place – after our westerly option before Sardinia… The Mediterranean is a tricky terrain. The calm we ran into could well have stopped another competitor in his tracks too. The positive outcome overall is the crew's capacity to fight to come back on the leaders after having been set back by the weather. That's the way it was throughout the race. We are conscious of our standard and are pleased to have made it to the podium after a sensational duel with Armel Le Cléac'h and his crew. »

Gitana X

« We can be proud of Gitana X as the winter refit was handled amazingly well. The shore crew did a truly incredible job. Thierry Duprey du Vorsent is young but experienced. He led his crew in a truly professional way finishing just two hours behind Foncia ! No-one would have expected that sort of outcome at the start in Lorient.… Gitana X is of great sentimental value for the Gitana Team and even though we can expect things to get tougher in the Grand Prix. We have a skipper-boat combination which may pull off a something pretty nifty in the Jacques Vabre two-handed Transat. »

Technical matters

« On the technical front, everything is highly satisfactory. Minor technical hitches we had on this race (halyards, rudders, daggerboards…) demonstrate that both boats are reliable and that the Gitana Team has matured. A friendly working atmosphere reigns. We are starting out with clear objectives and are extremely determined. See you in Calvi ! »

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