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What are you preparing for the next race: Québec - Saint Malo, Interview of Yann Marriley
Container full of technical gear leaves for Québec...

Yann Marriley :  As Gitana 11 is not returning to base between the two races, the base has to come to her so to speak. A container of 63 m3 of gear full to bursting is being sent to Québec with everything we need, so that we can reconfigure Gitana 11 for the crewed return and carry out any intervention which might be necessary. For composite repairs, a complete workshop is in the container to cope with any eventuality. Nothing has been left to chance. If necessary, a truck can provide a shuttle service between Québec and Boston in the event of a technical emergency in the United States.

Reception of the boats in Québec

YM – On 9th June, the technical team left for the United States to receive Gitana 11 and to prepare for the delivery to Québec which we will be undertaking from the morning of 20th June. Gitana X will soon leave La Trinité sur mer with her new daggerboards and will sail during 10 days to reach Québec 2900 miles away. The two boats will be welcomed in Québec towards 26th June by six other members of Gitana's technical team, Jean Le Houérou-Kérisel, Jean Pierre Trottet, William Fabulet, Jean Ives Le Govic, Richard Bastide, Laurent Rivals and myself for a new marathon. A race against the clock to make sure that both trimarans are as ready as ready can be for the return race back to France, but crewed this time.

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