Middle line option for Gitana 11
Fred Le Peutrec is remaining faithful to the strategy he set himself at the outset, getting into the swing of the race and the boat. Rather than risk damage or gear failure, the soloist has aimed to keep up with the (high) pace set by the leaders.

Although the first day has been a fast one (roughly 300 miles/24h in relation to the direct course) in spite of having to change tacks, the wind is starting to weaken at the end of the afternoon on today, Tuesday. In opting for a middle course, between those who prefer to take the north road (TIM, Sopra Group) and those in favour of the southern road (Groupama, Banque Populaire), in the wake of the leaders (Sodebo, Géant), Fred Le Peutrec is doing a good job. The 10 knot northerly breeze (force 2-3) this afternoon will be veering south-west later this evening, giving the boats no choice but to continue changing tack against a wind which is getting weaker all the time.

The aim will then be to make a fast dash across this meteorological transitional zone to pick up the south-westerly flow. Gitana 11 is at ease in light airs and will be able to sail well in such conditions. Fred is quite a formidable helmsman in unstable conditions where auotmatic pilots are not 100% reliable.

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