Gitana X – broken daggerboard
On Tuesday morning shortly before 6h30 GMT (8h30 French time) Marc Guillemot contacted race HQ of The Transat to inform them that he was heading for the team's base in La Trinité sur Mer as Gitana X's daggerboard had just broken.

The Gitana Team is already waiting for Marc at the Multipôle in Saint Philibert (56) and are working on the possible ways of repairing her so that she can get back into the race as soon as possible. Marc was in great shape following his great start and a tough first tack where Gitana X was flying a hull at more than 17 knots. However, he had to let almost the whole ORMA multi fleet take him over on the approach to Lizard Point to take his penalty. The penalty was awarded against him as he had misinterpreted the startline, the orange buoy not being easily visible in metre high waves – a misinterpretation which cost him a 40 minute stop.  Once Marc Guillemot had effected his penalty, he got underway once again and turned out to be among the fastest of the fleet. But as Gitana X was coming to within sight of Banque Populaire, Marc Guillemot was about to go down below and get some rest when he heard two clear cracking sounds from the daggerboard – it had broken !

After a quick check-up, Marc together with the Gitana Team ashore, decided to make way for La Trinité/Mer some 350 miles away. Difficult to know quite when he'll be arriving. It should take him around 36 hours, as without any daggerboard, Gitana X cannot perform well head to wind.

At the same time, Gitana 11 was lying 11th, 36 miles behind the leader « Sodebo » and was sailing at 11.7 knots.

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