The big day!
After spending the past ten months in one of the technical sheds of racing stable c, based in St Philibert, Brittany, Gitana 11 came out from the shadows late morning this Monday. Amongst the members of Gitana Team who have been working on her for a number of months, the emotion was clearly palpable and the job satisfaction much in evidence.
The gates to the Gitana yard opened this morning shortly after 1100 hours and the inverted bows, which are so characteristic of Gitana 11 in her new configuration were slowly exposed. At that point the shore crew, managed by William Fabulet, were able to place the 77 foot trimaran onto a trailer, which was long enough to transport her to the launch slipway around ten metres from the yard. The few hours spent with the final adjustments in the Multipôle car park also provided an opportunity for the first weigh-in for the multihull in her 2009 configuration.
The launch of the platform is still scheduled for late this Monday afternoon. At around 1700 hours, once the tide allows, the new Gitana 11 will be plunged into the saltwater of the St Philibert river. Once there the maxi-trimaran will have her mast stepped before going across the river to tie up at the Loïc Caradec jetty in La Trinité-sur-Mer.  
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