Gitana Extreme back in the match with a day to go
Mirroring Oman Sail Masirah’s domination yesterday, Yann Guichard’s men hit back hard in this second day of racing. Gitana Extreme – LCF Rothschild Group scored three bullets of the seven races run this Saturday. A very fine performance which enabled the catamaran equipped by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild to rise up through the provisional general ranking behind the crews of James Spithill and Pete Cumming.
Yann Guichard was right to be positive! Though the crew lacked pertinence at the starts and success with the manœuvres, today it was a whole different ball game. The Breton skipper and his men found their feet again and demonstrated the potential they showed in Venice:It’s been a very positive day as we succeeded in getting up with the front of the fleet after a poor introduction yesterday. Today, we found our speed again thanks to some improved trimming and that enabled us to sail in contact with the leading group. This new found speed was complimented by good starts and more fluidity in the manœuvres. The crew of Gitana Extreme is in position within the thick of the action, which augurs well for the last day. We’ll set off tomorrow with every chance of a podium finish” explained the skipper of Gitana Extreme with a smile.
As regards the weather, the wind once again proved timid at the start of the afternoon – the W’ly air flow barely putting in an appearance at just 7 knots – but it ended up by being kind to the nine Extreme 40s, filling to around 15-20 knots during the last races.
Today unfortunately bore witness to further incidents on race one. Indeed, during the battle to round the first mark of the very first race of the day, Ecover was involved in a port-starboard incident with Renaissance. This seriously damaged the port helm of Loïck Peyron’s catamaran, preventing him from even racing for the rest of the day. It is worth noting that in this scenario, the infringed yacht logically requests redress from the race management. The decision and the number of points granted to the Oman catamaran will be revealed this evening. However, logically Loïck Peyron and his men should pass in front of Gitana Extreme – LCF Rothschild Group in the ranking.
Mathematically, it is interesting to note that the first three in the provisional general ranking (prior to the redress granted to Renaissance) are sharing the top spot this Saturday. Gitana Extreme posted three bullets while Pete Cumming and James Spithill each scored two.
Tomorrow, from 1400 hours, the final races of this Act 2 will be launched. With a twenty-three point deficit on Masirah and ten on BMW Oracle, the men from Gitana Team will be giving it their all to earn themselves a podium place.
Crew of Gitana Extreme - LCF Rothschild Group
Yann Guichard (skipper-helm)
Pierre Pennec (mainsail traveller trimmer, tactics),
Christophe Lassegue (headsail trimmer, control of manœuvres)
Simeon Tienpont (headsail trimmer, control of manœuvres)
Ranking on the second day (after 13 races) *
1/ Oman Sail Masirah (Pete Cumming) – 110 points
2/ BMW Oracle (James Spithill) – 97 points
3/ Gitana Extreme- LCF Rothschild Group (Yann GUICHARD) – 87 points
4/ Groupama 40 (Franck Cammas) – 85 points
5/ BT (Nick Moloney) – 77 points
6/ Holmatro (Carolijn Brouwer) – 63 points
7/ iShares – Shirley Robertson – 62 points
8/ Oman Sail Renaissance (Loïck Peyron) – 54 points
9/ Luna (Erik Maris) – 39 points
10/ Ecover – Mike Golding – 33 points

*NB this ranking doesn’t allow for the points which will be awarded to Renaissance following the error forced on him by Ecover.

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