Tonnes of water on deck

Sunset at the foot of the island of Cheju, between Japan and South Korea comes as a reward after 24 hours in conditions we can best describe as bracing, wet and at times harsh. 57 knots of wind, seas breaking on the beam, on deck you just have to hold on firmly even though Gitana 13 has never been lacking. Under 3 reefs alone, ORC wisely stowed away in its bag, we are nevertheless powering along at over 20/25 knots, the full weight of the waves dumping onto us.

The strongest of the wind is now behind us though and whilst we completed only our second day at sea this afternoon, there is now a third of the journey left to go. There promises to be numerous manœuvres for the end of this stage. Despite the few hours of sleep, the atmosphere aboard is more than excellent, each person knowing all to well that this type of journey isn't something they do everyday. And though the seas this afternoon could be compared to the Mediterranean in a strong mistral, the simple crossing with a fifteen metre long fishing boat, under drogue to remain end onto the wave, was sufficient to remind us that we are making headway in a universe that is totally unknown to us. For the sailors that we are at heart, this really is an absolute must.

Until tomorrow

Nicolas Raynaud

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