Gitana Eighty wins the Grand Prix Petit Navire
The 9th edition of the Grand Prix Petit Navire returned its verdict this morning, following the cancellation of the last day of racing due to poor weather. Winner and runner-up in the two coastal courses, Gitana Eighty takes victory ahead of Foncia and Safran. A crew victory which is a far cry from what awaits Loïck Peyron over the coming weeks, but a performance that nonetheless bodes well for The Transat in just a few days time.

Another victory to add to Gitana Team's recent prize hoard… By winning the coastal race on Sunday and taking second place in yesterday's race, Loïck Peyron and his seven crew take their first crewed victory on the most recent of the Gitana fleet. Of particular note is the fact that Gitana Eighty has also pocketed the second best time in the speed runs, hot on the heels of Marc Guillemot's crew, with a sprint at over 15 knots.
With 30 knots of wind forecast and torrential rain already beating down on Douarnenez, both the weather conditions and the proximity of The Transat caused the organisers of the Grand Prix Petit Navire to confirm the rumours circulating last night: namely the cancellation of the 5th and final day of racing for the 60 foot monohulls. Though six competitors remain at anchor in Rosmeur port, Gitana Eighty is making her way to Plymouth and the site of The Transat start ahead of schedule, in order to negotiate the approaching depressionary front as best as possible: "to cover the 150 miles separating Douarnenez from Plymouth, it is prudent to set off this morning so as to avoid the worst of the low, which will reach the coast of NW France during the course of the day” explained Loïck Peyron prior to casting off shortly after 1000 hours.
“This victory is excellent for both team morale and confidence!” words which will certainly have a great impact just 13 days from the start of the legendary transatlantic race and the first solo event in the Imoca 2008 calendar.

Crew of Gitana Eighty: Loïck Peyron (skipper), Jean-Baptiste Levaillant, Cyril Dardashti, Antoine Mermod, William Fabulet, Didier Le Vourch', Yann Le Govic, Bernard Pointet

Ranking in the Grand Prix Petit Navire (after 2 races):
1. Gitana Eighty (Loïck Peyron)
2. Foncia (Michel Desjoyeaux)
3. Safran (Marc Guillemot)
4. Generali (Yann Eliès)
5. PRB (Vincent Riou)
6. Groupe Bel (Kito de Pavant)
7. Akena Verandas (Arnaud Boissières)

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