In the throes of a passing front

Clearly, any action has happened under cover of darkness since our departure. Like yesterday, here we are again with 30 knots of breeze in our sails, or what's left of them at least: 2 reefs and ORC. However, this time the seas aren't as big, which means less water on deck. To compensate for this and keep us occupied, the rain has joined in on the act, in a dense curtain of driving rain. It lashes at your face more solidly than the waves… It has to be said that we're in the process of negotiating the warm front of the low and, in a few hours time, we'll have to negotiate the cold front. It is 1300 hours UT and in these uncomfortable conditions, sailing close to the wind with a change of tack on the cards, we'll be kept busy for the rest of the day.

Fortunately yesterday enabled us to get back on our feet. The galley was going flat out and everyone settled back into the route, or discovered it in the case of the five newcomers. Although the first night was a bit difficult then, this second ink black night couldn't have gone better, despite the rotten weather. At the end of this little lot, the promise of tradewinds is certainly a big incentive. What has been most pleasing of all though is knowing that time is on our side and that the chaotic course we're currently adopting will only serve to increase our lead over the previous record. A few little waves on the nose and the taking in of the odd reef are certainly proving to be worthwhile.

Until tomorrow

Nicolas Raynaud

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