A hive of computer activity

The past day was exactly like the previous one. Same wind direction, same changes in trajectory to stay in the good wind, same speed...and this means 350 more miles logged toward San Francisco—which is now only a “Route du Rhum” away! In other words, another 4,400 miles to go. The only real difference with recent days was the appearance of real blue in the sky and the real sun. For the first time since reaching the Pacific Ocean, it's been really hot on deck, and we're not even that busy.  The three men on watch are fully up to the task and don't need the stand-by for help, except during jibes. So “watch” now means "three hours of free time," a first since we started out on this journey (expect for our unavoidable pit-stop at Cape Horn).

Like usual, this free time flies by...and we're well aware of this as the clock continues to run. What can the watch do apart from catch some rays? Actually, this activity isn't one of our strong points. We're much more adept at another activity, more in tune with the times: typing on the computer keyboard. And we have the equipment for it, with four computers onboard (two per hull). Last night, however, we experienced a slight panic: the network wasn't working, we couldn't use our computers. Big Dead Cloud has his own computer with the navigation software (MaxSea) and other routing programs that are constantly running. Next to it is a computer used for communications with land, for sending and receiving files and other email. This can be considered Cap'n Lionel's computer, since that's where he types! In the other hull, the port one, is the “cyber cafe,” which, as its name implies, is open to everyone, 24/7, thank you very much. With these two computers, one of which is used for photos and videos, this cyber cafe lives up to its name.

When our high-performance network went down, our IT person, none other than Zolive, had his work cut out for him. He spent a good part of his night there. After a short but useful phone call to our control tower in Trinité sur Mer, the problem was quickly resolved. Team Gitana struck again...we can continue forth while typing away on our little keyboards.


Nicolas Raynaud

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