Awe-inspiring rock

For five days we've been knocking on the door to the immense Pacific Ocean. But it's not really so pacific, seeing what the god Zephyr has been throwing at us. With one low-pressure system after the next, the Horn doesn't want to let us through right now. At these latitudes, Mother Nature imposes her law brutally, no discussion, no compromise: this is no place for the reckless, many of whom have lost their life here.
Onboard, only three of us have already dealt with the harshness of the Great South. Apart from the thrill of challenging the record on this legendary sailing route, each member of Gitana 13's crew—young or old—signed up for this adventure for one reason: to round Cape Horn come hell or high water! Forget about how long it takes and what we'll have to put up with, no one onboard is complaining. This is why we're here and we will succeed!!
For us, whether ocean racers or simple sailors, this is the Holy Grail: it's one of those things you have to do at least once. It may be a useless trophy, an invisible award...that's not important. Some may turn it into an earring—a sort of distinction, membership in a group—while others will simply enjoy the satisfaction of having done it, having been there.
In any event, if this is the person's first time or not, these wonderful memories will remain engraved in our hearts and souls, and I think that's what we're really after anyway.
Cape Horn: we want to go there!! And when we're there: we want to leave as fast as possible!!

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