Southern Hemisphere
The doldrums are finally behind Gitana Eighty, who crossed the equator at mid-day. The monohull's entry into the Southern Hemisphere was also marked by the return of the wind. However, it is still very unpredictable, fluctuating between fourteen and eight knots depending on the squalls that are still very much a feature.

Loïck Peyron described the situation in the midday radio chat on Sunday: It's overcast and extremely hot. The skies have the same look as in Ireland, except with tropical temperatures. We're having to keep our oilskins on because of the squalls, so everything's really clammy. It's not that pleasant, but we're not complaining! Last night, we were paid a visit by some dolphins, who were perhaps saluting my trusty partner Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant for having made his first crossing of the equator by yacht! Our aims over the next few hours are hard to define, but soon, we hope to find ourselves on the reaching leg in firmly settled trade winds, and then fly like our brothers up ahead.

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