Gitana 13 en route to the Azores
After makeshift repairs made to her starboard rudder at open sea, Gitana 13 is currently heading for the Azores archipelago. The initially planned stopover in the Canaries is therefore no longer on the cards, and the boat should reach Punta del Gada on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores between late morning and mid-afternoon tomorrow depending on weather conditions.

Before the team can return to base camp at Trinité-sur-Mer, this detour is necessary so that some of the crew can disembark, the repairs can be checked and the motor propellers reassembled… just in case!
Olivier Wroczynski and Yann Le Govic are heading down to the Azores during the day and they will accompany Lionel Lemonchois, Loïk Gallon, David Boileau and Léopold Lucet on the return delivery.
Olivier Wroczynski: “The boat made good progress all night, but according to Sylvain Mondon's weather forecasts, she's likely to slow down on the approach to the Azores and arrive some time tomorrow afternoon. Then, as the weather configuration's not ideal, we might be forced to spend a few days on the island before heading back to Trinité-sur-Mer.”

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