Tough conditions
Two rounds were completed at Marseilles today in the 4th stage of the Cafe Ambassador Multi Cup, the Grand Prix de Marseilles. Gitana 11 clinched two creditable second-place finishes, while the crew of Gitana 12, who are still discovering the boat in this configuration, have had to cope with demanding conditions unsuited to this point on their learning curve.
Loick Peyron, Gitana 11 skipper

“We've still got a lot of room for improvement but things are going really well on board and we were quite consistent today. On the coast, we simply needed to do what Geant has done. Even though we didn't manage to catch up with her, we did well, especially as just as we were fighting to get back even more, we got a rubbish bin wrapped around our rudder… no, not a bag, an actual bin! Obviously, it considerably reduced our performance, as having a bin stuck to your rudder is far from ideal. On the second stage, it was a little more hairy but we finished well. Just like yesterday evening, we are equal with Geant, so it promises to be a very interesting contest tomorrow. I'm loving it."

Thierry Duprey du Vorsent, Gitana 12 skipper

“It was a hard day for us, very hard even. There was more wind than yesterday and, fatally in these conditions, the lack of training is glaringly obvious. It was noticeable immediately in terms of manoeuvring, organisation in the cockpit, coordination between the helm and tactics… basically all the mechanics of good functioning. We need to cut out the tactical and technical errors, which we made dozens of today. On the coast, changing the situation is complicated, as we were against the wind and even Groupama couldn't make up enough ground on the front two. The positive aspect is that given that we had the “good fortune” to undergo a full overhaul in the spring, we won't need to take the boat back out this summer and will be able to use that time for intensive crew and solo training. So between now and then, we're going to dig in as, in the short term, there's even more wind forecast for this area.”

Provisional general rankings:

1- Groupama / Franck Cammas 28 points
2- Géant / Michel Desjoyeaux 23 points
3- Gitana 11 / Loick Peyron 23 points
4- Gitana 12 / Thierry Duprey du Vorsent 16 points

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