The Gitana Team gains weight
On the evening of Monday 3 April, the Gitana 11 trimaran was relaunched at Saint Philibert (56). The occasion was also marked by the Gitana Team's announcement of the arrival of Loïck Peyron as general manager, and of the exit from the boatyard of the new Gitana 12 (former Bonduelle) in two weeks time.
A brand-new trimaran… the Gitana 12

With the sale of the Gitana X formally completed, Baron Benjamin de Rothschild wanted to push the envelope still further by integrating a trimaran of the same generation as the Gitana 11 into the team. The objective was to pool Formula 1-type work on the similar “chassis” (platforms), with identical “engines” (sails) and analogous “supports” (appendices). This made for a fruitful, rich and, above all, active winter at the Gitana Team premises, with the workshops housing the two Orma trimarans during the course of major optimisation works.

Having remained essentially unmodified since first being launched by Jean Le Cam in 2000, the Gitana 12 required significant upgrading to adapt the curved foils, trim a fin, fit a new mast and modify the cockpit for the Grand Prix. In parallel, the Gitana 11 also had to undergo a facelift in response to the lessons of two busy seasons: a new central hull was therefore grafted over the technical changes (fin, rudders, lightening, cockpit ergonomics, etc.).

All of this work was carried out at the Gitana Team premises in Saint Philibert (56) by a team of skilled technicians. Their efforts, bolstered by the arrival of Hubert Corfmat (responsible for composites) and Bernard Pointet (research & development), deserve to be saluted. Courtesy of additional support from external experts, the ambitious target was to update the two trimarans in just three months. And they succeeded too, with Gitana 11 being relaunched yesterday evening, and Gitana 12 set to follow her in two weeks time.

A new general manager…

The launch of the Gitana 11 also saw the announcement of Loïck Peyron's appointment as general manager. This talented sailor, who is the son of a supertanker skipper and the younger brother of both Bruno (of round-the world fame) and Stephane (the windsurfer-cum-adventurer), has turned his hand to pretty much every discipline in the sailing milieu: monohulls and multihulls, Formula 40, Mini Transat, Figaro, Vendée Globe, Orma trimarans, Maxi-catamarans, etc.… His skill and versatility, plus his experience in Grand Prix and sailing single-handed on multihulls, make him the natural choice to manage the Gitana Team, where his pleasant nature and talent on land as well as at sea are sure to prove highly beneficial. Speaking at the relaunch, Loïck Peyron had this to say:
“I'm actually the manager of the Gitana Team, a big adventure that began a long time ago… So I'm joining a train that's already moving – and at a fair old pace too – so I'm going to have to run to get up to speed… Clearly, I'll be spending a lot of time in the manager's office, because although skippers of my generation learned to do everything, things have changed a great deal now, and you have to share responsibilities, delegate decisions, and coordinate a team. I would first like to get those who've been working on land to do more sailing, so as to involve them more in the Gitana Team project. They took on a big challenge this winter with the optimising of the two Gitanas, and they pulled it off in fine style. Now, it's time to move into the next phase: sailing…”

Gitana Team Programme –  Multi Cup and Route du Rhum

3 April:                                    Launch of Gitana 11
14 April:                                  Launch of Gitana 12
18-21 April:                             Training at Port La Forêt
2 May:                                     La Trinité/Mer-London transportation
8 May:                                     Start of the London-Alpes Maritimes race
20-21 May:                              Alpes Maritimes Trophy (Nice)
2-4 June:                                 Italy Grand Prix (Trapani-Sicily)
23-25 June:                             Marseilles Grand Prix
14-16 July:                               Algarve Grand Prix (Portimao-Portugal)
8-10 September:                      Port de Fécamp Grand Prix
29 October:                             Start of the Route du Rhum (Saint Malo-Pointe a Pitre)

Gitana 11

Skipper                                    Frédéric Le Peutrec
Architects                               Marc van Peteghem & Vincent Lauriot-Prévost
Builder                                     CDK-SAM C3-Gepeto-Eluère
First launch                             August 2001 
Overall length                          21.00 m
Hull length                                18.28 m
Width                                       18.30 m
Clearance                                30.48 m 
Draught                                    5.00 m 
Light displacement                   6,100 kg
Structure                                 Nomex-carbon Sandwich
Foils                                         Curved version 04
Rudders                                  Carbon
Main sail surface area             Incidences 198 m²
Genoa surface area                Incidences 120 m²
Gennaker surface area           Incidences 265 m²

Gitana 12

Skipper                                     Thierry Duprey du Vorsent   
Architects                                 Marc van Peteghem & Vincent Lauriot-Prévost
Builder                                       MAG Ocea
First launch                               September 2000 
Overall length                            21.00 m
Hull length                                  18.28 m
Width                                         18.30 m
Clearance                                  30.48 m
Draft                                           5.00 m 
Light displacement                     6,100 kg
Structure                                   Nomex-carbon sandwich
Foils                                           Curved version 06
Rudders                                     Carbon
Main sail surface area               Incidences 198 m²
Genoa surface area                  Incidences 120 m²
Gennaker surface area             Incidences 265 m²

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