Finishing line this evening
Gitana X is continuing to make headway in a tradewind which is unfortunately not as stable as had been expected. The result is that Thierry Duprey du Vorsent and Erwan Le Roux will not be reaching the finishing line before 23h00 UT, just after sundown in Brazil.

Everything that could have come their way, did so! Gitana X has been through more than her fair share of misery since starting the race in Le Havre on 6th November. She will finally be reaching Salvador de Bahia around midnight French time, just as night falls in Brazil. Everything is fine on board but the easterly wind is not that lively. Less than 20 knots in fact and Thierry Duprey du Vorsent and Erwan Le Roux will certainly have to gybe one very last time to make it into All Saints' Bay.  180 miles from Brazil at half past twelve today (French time) and making just under 16 knots, Gitana X still has to push her way through a small zone of very light air indeed. She still has to hang on for another 12 hours or so before finally being able to berth in Salvador de Bahia's marina.

Erwan Le Roux (Gitana X) :

« We can smell the stable! We've still got to wait a bit as there's no wind. Just 10-12 knots and squalls and big rotations in the wind. Trade winds are fine, but they are not always steady and with you all the way. In spite of what books might tell you ! We reckon we'll be in about midnight (UT) or in the middle of the night at worst. There were 180 miles left (at 12h30 French time), at 15-17 knots, close to the direct route but we're heading for four hours of calm. When the squalls pass overhead, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Brittany. We'll celebrate once we get in to Bahia even if we are tired. We really need to let off steam. The race was not easy-going. It's great to be able to make it across the finishing line. Gitana X has been bought by some Brits so this is our last race on board. It's a bit emotional. “Babouche“(Ed's note - the boat's nickname) certainly deserves a good party. »

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