ITV with Jean Le Huérou-Kérisel – Shore Crew Manager
" The Shore Crew will be reinforced this winter to meet the needs of the work undertaken on Gitana X and Gitana 11 in two different shipyards. Current team configuration is Laurent Bourgues (Composites),William Fabulet (Composites), Pierre Le Diberder (Composites), Jean Pierre Trottet (Hydraulics), Richard Bastide (Computers), Laurent Rivals (Logistics), Jean Yves Le Govic (Logistics) and myself. For practical purposes, we shall be organising the winter work with specific teams for each of the boats.

In 2005, once again we will be the only shore crew on the ORMA circuit to be servicing and running two multihulls. That requires a great deal of technical organisation and clear working procedures to avoid loss of energy, skill and means, during the time spent in the shed as well as when racing. We are currently in the process of setting up procedures which will be operational when both boats will be launched, next March. We are lucky to have some of the best specialists on our team in the fields of composites, hydraulics, computers and electronics. In the context of a team reinforced by new blood, these skills will be allocated to one of the two multihulls in particular, but be prepared to stand in if necessary on the other boat.

Reactivity and rigour, together with a strong team spirit are the keys to the success of our technical mission within the Gitana Team for 2005."

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