Designed by VPLP yacht design, this 60-foot trimaran belongs to the ORMA class (Ocean Racing Multihull Association). Ex-Bonduelle, GITANA 12 is emblematic of the trimarans from the start of the 21st century: very beamy, pre-impregnated carbon structure, raised beams and high volume floats…

FRA 12

Sail number

Given name
Category ORMA60 multihull Loa 18,28 m
Upwind sail area 296 m² Downwind sail area 472 m²
Year of launch 2005

Built in 2000, this 18.28-metre multihull was originally Jean Le Cam’s Bonduelle. Purchased by the Gitana Team in 2005, she became GITANA 12 and underwent a thorough rejuvenation before joining Baron Benjamin de Rothschild’s fleet: revised deck layout, larger cockpit, revamped interior (electricity, electronics, hydraulics…), altered daggerboard casings and rig and a new set of rudders. Like one of her predecessors, Gitana X, the boat is used to train up a crew of young talent by participating in the Multi Cup events and the Route du Rhum in late 2006. She is skippered by Thierry Duprey du Vorsent.

Track record

  • 2006
  • 10th
    10th in the Route du Rhum – Banque Postale 12 days 15 hours and 52 minutes
  • 5th
    5th in the Londres Alpes Maritimes
  • Participation in the Multi Cup